Lao Cuisine at The 3 Nagas Hotel Restaurants in Luang Prabang

Les 3 Nagas

Fine dining at Les 3 Nagas is a distinctly local affair in a classy, chic atmosphere. Word of its divine culinary fare has spread far and wide, earning it an exceptional review in the New York Times online travel site in December 2007.

From humble dishes to chef's specialties, feast on Lao cuisine in all of its earthy authenticity, presented with a touch of French flair. Renowned for its authentic Laotian cuisine that has been hailed far and wide, Les 3 Nagas restaurant in Luang Prabang serves sumptuous lunch and dinner.

3 Mango

For a more casual but no less satisfying experience, the open-air 3 Mango restaurant serves up a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine with a Laotian twist.

While away the hours here any time of day, as you savour both the menu and the surrounding sights.

The more casual Luang Prabang restaurant and bar offers an extensive new menu of tasty appetizers, pastries, pizzas, pastas and varied options for light bites and satisfying meals at any time of the day or night.

Sample Menus

Please click below to explore a selection of the mouth watering local and fusion specialties that have made Les 3 Nagas the most recognized restaurant in town

Sample Laos Dinner Menu

Sample Western Dinner Menu


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