Baci Ceremony in Laos

Baci Ceremony

A Timeless Spiritual Journey: Step into the world of the Baci Ceremony, a tranquil tradition rooted in Laos. Before Buddhism’s rise in Laos, locals already cherished this serene morning event. Now, visitors can also partake in this guided experience.


The Essence of Baci: The Baci Ceremony embodies an ancient belief. It aims to harmonize the 32 organs of the human body, termed as kwan or “soul components”. Through Baci, Laos preserves the bond of family and society, ensuring balance and community harmony. At USD 200++ per 2 persons before sunset which the ceremony will take 30 minutes.




Baci Ceremony in Laos


Rituals and Reverence: A respected community elder, often someone who served as a Buddhist monk, leads the ceremony. They ensure special arrangements for the occasion. Participants prepare the pah kwan (flower trays) and place them centrally. Here, attendees gather, offering their solemn prayers.


Baci Ceremony in Laos


Symbols of Blessings: At the ceremony’s core is a white silk or cotton thread. Representing purity, this thread graces the right wrist of the person receiving blessings. As wishes for well-being and good fortune are made, all attendees also wear these threads. Before tying the thread, participants raise their hands to their chests, showing deep respect.


Baci Ceremony in Laos


A Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Whether you’re seeking new cultural experiences or personal revelations, Luang Prabang welcomes you warmly. Begin your voyage into deep cultural immersion with the Baci Ceremony at 3 Nagas MGallery.


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