Boun Lai Heua Fai | Light Boat Festival in Luang Prabang

Light Boat Festival

Join us at the enchanting Light Boat Festival in Luang Prabang, held every year in October.


Boun Lai Heua Fai or the light boat festival, is a revered ceremony to seek blessings and good luck from the nagas (water spirits). Villages craft and adorn boats that gracefully parade through the town. As night falls, these boats are launched onto the river, set aflame as sacred offerings to the spirits. However, the floating flowers upon the river’s surface not only ward off misfortune but also express gratitude to the water spirits. The spectacle of boats, intricately constructed from bamboo and banana trunks and ornately decorated with candles and coins, is a sight unique to Luang Prabang.



During the Light Boat Festival in Luang Prabang, there are several must-do activities to fully immerse yourself in the cultural experience:

1. Witness the Boat Procession: Watch as beautifully adorned boats parade through the streets of Luang Prabang, showcasing intricate designs and traditional decorations.

2. Attend the Boat Blessing Ceremony: Participate in or observe the ceremony where villagers bless the boats and offer prayers to the water spirits for prosperity and good luck.

3. Enjoy Traditional Performances: Experience the vibrant cultural performances, including traditional music, dance, and storytelling, that take place during the festival.

4. Try Local Delicacies: Sample a variety of delicious Lao dishes and traditional snacks offered by street vendors and food stalls lining the festival area.

5. Light a Floating Candle: Join in the tradition of lighting a candle and placing it on a floating flower arrangement in the river, symbolizing gratitude to the water spirits and warding off misfortune.

6. Participate in Alms Giving: Take part in the morning Alms Giving ceremony, where locals offer food to monks as a form of merit-making and generosity.

7. Explore the Night Market: Visit the bustling night market to shop for handmade crafts, souvenirs, and local products, adding to the festive atmosphere.

8. Attend Cultural Workshops: Engage in workshops and demonstrations that showcase traditional Lao crafts such as weaving, pottery, and silk-making.

9. Take a Boat Ride: Explore the Mekong River and its surroundings by taking a boat ride during the festival, offering a unique perspective of the celebrations from the water.

10. Capture Memories: Don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture the colorful sights, sounds, and moments of the Light Boat Festival for lasting memories.



Experience The Festival of Light with us

At 3 Nagas Luang Prabang MGallery, we offer more than a stay. But we offer a chance to immerse yourself in this rich cultural experience from the 15th to the 20th of October 2024.


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